Overview of Services

Specialized Tracks

Consumers are assessed according to their levels of functioning and placed in appropriate tracks.


Co-Occurring Track

Adult consumers ages 18 & over with a diagnosis of a serious mental illness and a history of drug or substance abuse or addictions (drugs, gambling, etc.). Consumers will attend groups that are designed to address the specific issues common to this population to help them maintain and sustain sobriety.

New High Functioning Track

Adult consumers with a diagnosis of serious mental illness, or diagnosed as having a Co-Occurring Disorder, attend daily groups specifically designed for those clients that maintain higher more independent levels of functioning, communicate well and are able to process more advanced group discussions.

Special Needs Track

Adult consumers having specialized needs attend smaller, more structured groups designed to provide skills necessary to help them maintain their independence and community placements and to achieve their goals. Special needs consumers are diagnosed with developmental and learning disabilities, poor impulse control, anger management problems, limited attention spans and concentration, and poor social and interpersonal skills. institutionalization.

Stabilization of Mental Illness Track

Tracks 1, II, III, IV & Young Adults (18-24)

Adult consumers with a diagnosis of a serious mental illness attend groups designed to help them improve their ability to manage symptoms, educate them about their illness and medications, prevent re-hospitalization, and provide necessary skills to lead productive lives.